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Re: Cichlid help

Sherri -

The cichlid's are a very large category (genus?) of fish; possibly the largest.  
They include angelfish, discus, oscars, Jack Dempseys, and hundreds of others.  
Many are extremely beautiful.  Many are also very large, although some (like 
yours, I believe) stay within 2-3 inches.

Cichlids have a reputation for being extremely aggressive when full grown, and 
for some (not all) this reputation is deserved, even if exaggerated.  This is 
partly because most are carniverous and larger varieties may view your other 
fish as dinner.  The MAIN reason, however, is that they can become very 
territorial when 'nesting.'

I have never heard of cichlids being described as plant eaters, but many ARE 
plant 'disrupters.'  In the process of making their nests, they can move a lot 
of gravel, and WILL dig up any plant that's in their way.  This is exactly the 
behaviour you are witnessing with your bumblebee.

It is unlikely that your fish will cause much more damage than she already has, 
and if that's none or very little, I wouldn't worry about it.

 - Anthony