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Aquatic plant database ?

At 03:48 PM 8/28/98 -0400, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
>Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 02:30:56 -0700
>From: Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
>Subject: aquatic plant reference index
>Does anyone have the aquatic plant reference listing (originally made by
>George Booth and later updated by Neil Frank) which has been updated
>with Baench Atlas 3 or any other new books?
>Is anybody interested in updating the listing?
>Is anybody interested in preparing a similar listing with URL links to
>world wide web pictures of those plants?
>- -- 
>Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 
>Visit "Steve's Aquatic Page"      http://home.infinet.net/teban/
> for LOTS of pics, tips and links for aquatic gardening!!!

Hi Steve.

The list of aquatic plants has been passed around as an ascii file for almsot
a decade now, and in my opinion we need to go to the next ste; that is,
it's probbaly time to throw it into a database to make updates and
report generation easier.

Coincidentally, I've written a web front end to an SQL database so
it can be manilpulated from anywhere that you canbrowse the web.

I've putt killifish information in this, so I can generate these
ascii files. For example, I can ask it to spit out all Epiplatys
species and it gives me:

DATABASE: killies TABLE: codes

      CODE     GENUS          SPECIES   
      PUT     Epiplatys      olbrechtsi puetzi
      ACU     Epiplatys      acuticaudatus
      ANN     Epiplatys      annulatus 
      ANS     Epiplatys      ansorgii  
      BAR     Epiplatys      barmoiensis
      BAU     Epiplatys      baudoni   
      BOU     Epiplatys      boulengeri
      BIF     Epiplatys      bifasciatus bifasciatus
      TAE     Epiplatys      bifasciatus taeniatus
      CHE     Epiplatys      chevalieri
      DAG     Epiplatys      dageti dageti
      MON     Epiplatys      dageti monroviae
      ESE     Epiplatys      esekanus  
      GRA     Epiplatys      grahami   
      INF     Epiplatys      infrafasciatus infrafasciatus
      LAM     Epiplatys      lamottei  
      LON     Epiplatys      longiventralis
      MUF     Epiplatys      multifasciatus
      SAN     Epiplatys      sangmelinensis
      SEX     Epiplatys      sexfasciatus
      SPI     Epiplatys      spilargyreius
      SIN     Epiplatys      singa     
      AZU     Epiplatys      azureus   
      CHA     Epiplatys      chaperi chaperi
      SCR     Epiplatys      chaperi schreiberi
      SHE     Epiplatys      chaperi sheljuzhkoi
      SPM     Epiplatys      chaperi spillmanni
      FAS     Epiplatys      fasciolatus fasciolatus
      GNE     Epiplatys      guineensis
      HUB     Epiplatys      huberi    
      MES     Epiplatys      mesogramma
      NUM     Epiplatys      neumanni  
      DAU     Epiplatys      olbrechtsi dauresi
      KAS     Epiplatys      olbrechtsi kassiapleuensis
      OLB     Epiplatys      olbrechtsi olbrechtsi
      RUH     Epiplatys      ruhkopfi  
      BIA     Epiplatys      biafranus 
      CAT     Epiplatys      callipteron
      COC     Epiplatys      coccinatus
      ETZ     Epiplatys      etzeli    
      TOT     Epiplatys      fasciolatus tototaensis
      HIL     Epiplatys      hildegardae
      BAO     Epiplatys      infrafasciatus baroi
      RAT     Epiplatys      infrafasciatus rathkei
      JOS     Epiplatys      josianae  
      PHO     Epiplatys      phoeniceps
      ROF     Epiplatys      roloffi   
      TOG     Epiplatys      togolensis
      BEK     Epiplatys      berkenkampi
      CHI     Epiplatys      chinchoxcanus
      DEF     Epiplatys      spilargyreius decemfasciatus
      DOR     Epiplatys      dorsalis  
      HAS     Epiplatys      roloffi hastingsi
      HUW     Epiplatys      fasciolatus huwaldi
      LEO     Epiplatys      leonensis 
      LOK     Epiplatys      lokoensis 
      MAC     Epiplatys      macrostigma
      MAR     Epiplatys      marnoi    
      MAT     Epiplatys      matlocki  
      NDE     Epiplatys      ndelensis 
      NIC     Epiplatys      nigricans 
      NIM     Epiplatys      nigromarginatus
      NJA     Epiplatys      njalaensis
      OIN     Epiplatys      oinga     
      ORN     Epiplatys      ornatus   
      SEN     Epiplatys      senegalensis
      STE     Epiplatys      steindachneri
      ZEN     Epiplatys      zenkeri   
      ZII     Epiplatys      fasciolatus zimiensis

69 Records

So, I invite anybody who is interested in doing this to drop me a line
off list and we can get started.

Richard J. Sexton
richard at aquaria_net
Bannockburn, Ontario, Canada                       +1 (613) 473 1719