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blue-green algae

>I had a severe invasion for the past year at least because I didn't 
>In my case, it was on the gravel, then the rocks, then the plants, the 
>moss... everything. It killed my microsorium.
>It is opaque when thick enough. Mine was dark green and when starting a
>bright green(then it got stronger and thicker and darker). You can wipe 
>off very easily and it comes out in big batches and it grows very fast.

yup that is what i have.Thanks a lot for confirming.

>Now for the solution, on the Krib you can find a lot more details.
>Basically the algea is due to a bacteria (not your alkalinity). 
>you can get rid of it with Maracyn (erythromicin) and not Maracyn 2.
>I won after treating my thank for 9 days (that's alot more than the
>recommended 5 days but it was stubborn). I am in heaven since 2 weeks
>now...  I can finally see my plants and notice growing!!!!

i am trying to avoid antibiotics as i was told it is a temporary 
and i thought i noticed someone mentioning that alkalinity increases the 
posibility of an outbreak.

i will try it out if nothing else works.As it is now i am trying to get 
the right balance of nutrients

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