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Re: Copper -- Safe?

> Is it possible that experienced aquatic gardeners could tweak that last
> little bit of algae down a notch by the addition of minute amounts of
> copper to the water column?  Now for the heretical questions, if one
> wanted to add a bit of copper to the water column, what chemical would
> you advise?  And what copper levels would be safe for our fish and
> plants?  I promise to be absurdly cautious-if I do anything at all!  :-)

I've used CopperSafe, one drop per gallon, two to three applications in
one week, no water changes, on three occasions in my heavily planted,
heavily stocked tank.  Each time, it's solved the problem (cotton-mouth
on new rasboras, then ripped fins on newly transplanted angelfish).

I've had no resulting problems with the fish or plants.  

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland