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Re: blue Green Algea

Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 01:42:14 PDT
>From: "ali muhammad" <tilan at hotmail_com>
>Subject: algae
>I went through the archives hoping to get a solution on my algae prob.
>found out the smell in my aquarium is caused by the layer of blue-geen 
>what confused me was that i had always thought that blue-green were the 
>ones that grow as a layer covering the plants. i could not get a 
>confimation thru the archives. i hope someone can enlighten me.
>is this algae caused by excessive water hardness?
>the tank has a crushed coral filter
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I had a severe invasion for the past year at least because I didn't know.
In my case, it was on the gravel, then the rocks, then the plants, the Java
moss... everything. It killed my microsorium.
It is opaque when thick enough. Mine was dark green and when starting a
bright green(then it got stronger and thicker and darker). You can wipe it
off very easily and it comes out in big batches and it grows very fast.

Now for the solution, on the Krib you can find a lot more details.
Basically the algea is due to a bacteria (not your alkalinity). Therefore
you can get rid of it with Maracyn (erythromicin) and not Maracyn 2.

I won after treating my thank for 9 days (that's alot more than the
recommended 5 days but it was stubborn). I am in heaven since 2 weeks
now...  I can finally see my plants and notice growing!!!!

Find out more on the Krib.

good luck