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re: snails

In regards to the post about snail removing chemicals, I would just like
to add my personal experience. I had a massive outbreak of ramshorn
snails (went from 10 to 200+) I looked into chemical methods and bought
Had-a-snail. I took some snails out of the tank, placed them in a jar
and tested the chemical. In less than ten minutes the snails had been
dissolved into a mirky liquid which hung at the top of the jar while the
empty shells rested on the bottom. I decided there was no way I was
putting that in my tank. I looked into natural solutions and was told
that SAEs will eat snail eggs and clown loaches will eat small snails. I
decided that I wanted to maintain a population of snails so the loaches
were out. I could not find SAEs locally and so looked for answers were I
so often find them, the bottom of a lake. I live in New Hampshire and
spend most weekends at Newfound Lake. This lake is very clear; contains
snails, mussels, crawfish, and several types of game fish (stocked
annually). I enjoy diving in the lake and rummaging around in the weeds
and rocks on the bottom. On one such dive, I noticed a large
concentration of snails and eggs on some of the weeds. There were also
several small fish pecking at the weeds. They would nip at the snails,
cause them to curl up and sink, and then proceed to eat the eggs. I
caught one of these fish (about 1-inch long) which turned out to be a
yellow perch. To make a long story boring, I was able to physically
remove the snails I did not want from my tank (I fed them to my
girlfriend's turtles) and add the perch. In a matter of days, all the
eggs were gone from my tank. Now, if I notice eggs in the morning they
will be gone by the time I get home. The perch is very effective. I have
had the perch in my tank for over a month now and he is about 1.75
inches long. I am hoping he does not reach the size he would have in the

Well, for what it's worth, that is my experience. I am timid to use such
lethal chemicals in my tank and encourage people to find natural
solutions because they do exist.

Richard Hostler
Product Information Editor
PC Connections
(603) 423-2234