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Testing Krib, AGA, etc new sites

I'm mailing this to my two favoriate mailing lists to let you know that
I've been in the process of moving the Krib, the AGA Pages, and the
Greater Seattle Aquarium Society pages to their nifty new digs.  Before I
officially flip the switch at Caltech that tells everyone, I thought I'd
throw open the floor here for testing.  The new URL's are:


In particular, I'm looking for any problems with getting to all three
sites.  There have also been a few layout changes in the articles,
(hopefully making things vaguely easier to figure out where you are).
More changes to come as time allows... 

Mail feedback to me personally, not the lists (duh). :)


Erik D. Olson						amazingly, at my own domain.
erik at thekrib.com (fails? try eriko at wrq.com)