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CO2 up and running

I finally got my CO2 up and going yesterday afternoon.  The solenoid is not
connected, but I'm keeping an eye on the pH with the controller.  Here's
some random thoughts.  Let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

Starting tank parameters - pH 7.4 and KH 4, 40 watts of lighting.  I'm doing
all of this for a measely 20 gallon high tank.
I'm not sure if I understand the pH chart correctly.  Let's say that your
dKH, without CO2, is 4.  If you want 19 ppm CO2, you want your pH to be 6.8.
Does that mean that your KH before CO2 is 4, and you add enough CO2 to drive
your pH down to 6.8, or does it mean that with CO2 injected water and a pH
of 6.8, that your KH should be 4?

Last night I got up a few times to check the pH and the fish.  I didn't want
it to get too low, and I didn't want to shut the CO2 off.  It stabilized at
7.16 or so, and the fish never seemed to be stressed.  This morning when the
lights came on I turned it up just a hair.  I'm using the Eheim reactor, and
although it produces tiny bubbles, I'd like to do something to completely
make sure every bit of CO2 is dissolved.  I think most all of the bubbles
reach the surface sooner or later.

I haven't noticed the plants bubbling yet.

Does anyone have the Aqualine Bushke solenoid?  E-mail if you do, I have
some questions.

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