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re: Floating Plant Filter and Phyllanthus fluitans

>Walter Klockers wrote:

>My experiment with this type of filtration resulted in
>mixed reviews. It initially worked quite well, keeping
>the nitrAtes down to a bear minimum. *However,*
>when I began using fertilizer, the growth rate of the
>floating plants increased...and so did the die-off.
>"Expired" duckweed and Azolla sunk to the bottom
>of the filter. It was a continual hastle to clean in order
>to keep water quality up. So, while it was an interesting
>experiment, it was not a very practical filter, IMHO

I couldn't help but to see the parallels existing between your filters
(over) fertilization, rapid growth, and subsequent die off and the
same process which continues to take place on a larger scale in many
of the ponds, lakes, and other waterways across the world as peoples
fertilization of their own lawns and farms leads to stagnation of those

I think your experiment is a strong success for the educational role
it plays in helping people understand their own relationship with the
environment they live in.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net