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Lighting suggestions wanted

Looks like my new tank is going to become a reality and I have still
have a few things to work out. Still thinking on lighting and open to
any good ideas. First a quick rundown on the tank.

This will be a homemade 8' long tank. Width probably in the 28-30 inch
range and 24-28 inches tall. Custom wood hood that is hinged in the
middle and will allow access from both long sides of the tank. The
hood will most likely will be split in (2) 4 foot sections to make it
lighter weight and easier to open..

I am going to have a gravel end with few plants and big river rocks
end up with heavy planted area on the other end. Sort of a fast stream
ending in a calm pool look.

So I need much more light one end than the other. My first thought was
a couple of 4' tubes on the one end and then 4-6 tubes on the other
end. However I would like to see more of a transition in the light
level, not a such a sudden increase. I am thinking of 2 foot tubes
since I can vary the number of lights as I go and get a more gradual

The lights must be mounted in a hood so no MH pendants. With MH the
heat would be a problem and I dont have a place to hide fans and don't
want the constant noise in my den. Fluorescent seems to be the best
choice.  Yet even with shop lights this could cost a lot buying a
bunch of 2 foot fixtures. Anyone got a better idea? I am open to

Jeff <*\\><
www.airnet.net/kudzu/ "Kudzu's Christian Clipart Collection"