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Re: Angel spawn

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> Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:14:06 +0700
> From: "jim" <jim at pontianak_wasantara.net.id>
> Subject: Angels spawn

 So I keep
> the partition and wonder what is best to do next.
> For the newly laid eggs: Wait for the eggs to hatch or take the leaf out to
> hatch them in another place........
> For the fries: What to feed them? I have no brine shrimps to get.......
> Jim.
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> Check out the Angel FAQ at http://colorpro.com/angels/

The FAQ should answer your questions, and also there is a lot of good 
info on a commercial breeder's site at:  www.angelswest.com/

Good luck!

Bob Sumner
Virginia Beach