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Re: Buffering Capacity

> Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 01:34:33 EDT
> From: MarkyTkd at aol_com
> I have a 55 gallon tank with a pH of 7.4. I am going to change this tank into
> a soft, acidic envionment for my new Angelfish. My pH will not go down no
> matter what I do. I have added pH down, CO2, etc. Does it have something to do
> with Buffering Capacity? I have no idea. I am a beginner lost in a world of
> aquaria.
> Any advice?

Your water is probably well buffered, which means that it is difficult
to change the pH.  However, your angelfish will be quite happy at pH 7.4.
It's best not to screw around with water chemistry if you can help it.
If your fish can be happy in your tap water, leave it alone.  This makes
it easy to do frequent water changes, which is probably the most important
factor in maintaining fish health.  In general, it's much more stressful 
for fish to be exposed to frequent changes in pH and hardness than to have 
steady water conditions that are outside their ideal range.  Angelfish 
have been captive bred for a long time and are quite adaptable - they 
will successfully spawn in hard water with a pH as high as 8.