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wich choice to make? Verilux or Cool White?

Hi everyone,

I have a dilema. I have a 27 gallon thank (36x12x15) with 2 20 watts GE
Plant & aquarium bulbs of 24 inches long.

I would like to add a third bulb. 
Not being very at easy with electrical wiring I thought of buing an extra
fixture. I came down to 2 options with the fixture that could fit my cover
and light availability.

1- would allow me to add a 18 inches 15 watts Verilux full spectrum bulb.

2-would allow me to add a 24 inches 18 watts (the less standard small
diameter bulb, the 20 watts is bigger in diameter and doesn't fit in it).
And I could only fing some Cool White bulbs that would fit in it.

What would you recommend?
Higher wattage and Cool white bulb
or a bit lower wattage and Verilux