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upper limit to light intensity

Alysoun and Peter were talking about watts/gal.

There is an upper limit to light intensity where several kinds of plants
actually suffer tissue damage. Crypts are most notable for this problem
but I also see it in my E horemanii and Aponogetons. My lighting is 250
watt MH 5000K lamp at about 18-24". The parabolic pendant reflector also
increases the effective light intensity. If you go above 250 watt MH
lighting, you may want to go horizontal mount with a different kind of
reflector I think. The 175 watt MH lamps are probably a better choice
esp. with Crypts.

There is an interesting article in the recent TAG about Crypt melting.
No one has commented on it here yet. It sounds very plausible. Karen,
what did you think of this article?