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Angel fries

First of all I want to say that I have very wonderful friends who responded
very helpfully to my questions. Thanks a lot, you are really very sincere
and helpful.

This is the 4th day of my angelfish fries and they are still on the leaf
and the parents nursing them in a separate area in my planted community
tank. I put up a partition made from plastic net to give the family a
(90cmX60cmX40cm) space.

The day after tomorrow, this coming Friday, the fries will be 1 week old.
I understand that they will start swimming and feeding. I think I the
safest way is to take them out of my community tank and put them in another
smaller tank to raise. Am I right? Is this possible?
When they start swimming in the confined area of (90cmX60cmX40cm), is it
possible for me to catch them all by using a small scooping net? When may I
scoop them, do I have to wait until they are free swimming (then more
difficult to catch) or can I do it now by scooping them from the leaf?

It is just too risky to move all the other fish out. I have about 60
fishes, small and large, on the other side of the confined area. Then the
two Eheim filter intake hoses are in the area of the angels. I am afraid
the swimming fries will be sucked into the filter. There is no way to wrap
any foam around the end of the intake now without seriously disturb the
angels. Any advice for this situation?

Sometimes I feed my fish the red worms I found in the mud of ditches (what
is the English name?). I don't know how artemias look like. Can somebody
please, describe or send me a picture? Presently I am still wondering what
food I am to give the young fries once they start to feed. I can not find
any brine shrimp here.