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Re: Canister Filters

>Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 21:58:43 +1000
>From: "The Midgley's" <midgley at hare_net.au>
>Subject: Re: Canister Filters
>Just thought I'd put in my two cents worth... I personally hate fluval
>filters... Bought a 303 about a year ago, was disappointed from the
>beginning... I found the shut-off taps virtually impossible to use, the
>motor seemed never to put out the right amount of flow, it was also a
>bugger to start and from day one to day five hundred it continues to make
>an annoying noise. (No amount of tinkering seems to help)

Okay, to add my two cents to this Ford/GM thing.  I also have had a Fluval
303 for about 4 years, and have used it with no real problems.  The
shut-off valves work fine.  The volume is good.  It was a little hard to
start until I figured out what to do.  The trick is to leave very little
air volume in the filter when you hook it up.  So, what I do is to fill the
filter up to the top, place the lid on and clamp it down, then get a cup of
water and (with the filter up right) pour water into the intake or outlet
(doesn't matter which), until water flows out the other side.  Then I put
my thumbs over the two holes to seal them and tilt the filter almost
horizontally, then back up again.  This seems to dislodge some air bubble
from somewhere, so when I remove my thumb, the water level is down again.
I then fill it some more from the cup, and repeat until I can't add any
more water.  Then hook it up and it just runs.

I have to admit that the Fluval does not handle gas bubbles well though,
and so is not a good choice as a CO2 reactor.  With CO2 coming in too fast,
it can stall.

On the other hand, I like the compartments.  Cleaning is very easy.

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