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cannisters, pearling

Re: continued Fluval vs Eheim debate.

To clarify:  I said that a hose had come off and spilled
water all over my living room.  It was not one of the
nearly-impossible-valve-related connections that
came off.  It was the connection at the outtake elbow;
very bad news for the rug.
I have a lot of trouble releasing the valve connections
to clean the thing; I use a towel and lots of strength to
unscrew the hose clamp things; prefer the quick
release of Eheim by far.

I have had two different Fluvals (a 303 and a 103) and
both have been buggers to start.  They _never_ have
started on fill/plug in, as the Eheim does.  I have to
disconnect the outtake (which is why it got loose in the
first place) and blow out the air; in the process I
practically blow out my ears, :)

There will always be varying opinions on equipment;
all one can do is try something and see for oneself.

RE: Pearling
I have to agree with Steve Dixon that CO2
concentration has to have quite a bit to do with the
amount of bubbles released from plants during
photosynthesis.  I went from a low-tech, 1.5 watts/gal
light to 3-4watts/gal, with no pearling evident, except
after (cooler) water changes.  Others noticed this too.

Then, I added CO2, and voila, pearling.  The more
Co2, the more pearling.

Roxanne Bittman