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Re: Silicone

Hello Adam,

ANY silicone sealant that proclaims that it is "mildew resistant"
contains some fungistat = poison. Depending on the brand, it can be
arsenic or a similarly "nice" preservative. STAY AWAY from it!


George S

> I'm constructing a wet/dry filter and I was curious if the GE brand
> Window and Door Sealent is safe to use. It says that it is "mildew
> resistant, water tight, wil not shrink or yellow, perminantly flexiable,
> withstands the most extreme conditions, low oder, and 100% Silicone 2." I
> was planning on using this to glue acrylic to acrylic, and pvc to pvc.
> I'd appriciate any input that anyone has to offer. Thanks.
> - -Adam