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re: lighting

> I'll comment on one of Peter's lighting questions:  >>>5.  I need 3
> watts per gallon for a plant tank = 375 watts at least.>>>


> 2 watts CF lighting per gallon should be plenty of light.

I think this really depends on what else is going on in your tank.  

I have a fully planted 55 gallon tank lit with 2W/gal, and populated by three 
discus, two clown botias, three ottos, three rams, and a couple of zebra danios. 
 Although all fish and plants seem healthy and happy, I have trouble keeping 
nitrate levels down, even though I feed a total of 4 frozen 'gumdrops' of food 
per day to the fish; really not much for the fish load.

Every day at about 4pm, a shaft of sunlight passes across my tank.  As this 
happens, the entire tank suddenly starts pearling and bubbling;  the water looks 
positively 'fizzy'.  AFter the light passes, the plants continue to bubble, but 
at a MUCH slower pace.  There is almost no bubbling prior to the sunlight.

This reaction, combined with the nitrate buildup, has convinced me that 2W/gal 
is not enough for this tank.  It might be sufficient if I had a lighter fish 

 - Anthony