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cannister filters

I use an Eheim 2213 on one tank and a Fluval 103 on
another.  I have experience with the Fluval 303 as well.

 I would strongly recommend getting the Eheim over
the Fluval.  I too had the unpleasant experience of a
hose popping off of the Fluval and putting about 5
gallons of water into my living room.  Also, the Fluval
tends to be noisier and harder to get started or
primed.  Small amounts of air or other gas in the
Fluval cause a lot of noise!  Also, I broke the impeller
chamber cover a couple of times, due to poor design
on their part.

The Eheim is silent.  This is a big plus for me.  It is not
as easy to clean as the Fluval, since this model has
no baskets, but I don't mind.  The impeller cover is
very easy to remove.  Also the Eheim's clips are metal
vs the breakable ones on the Fluval.

Eheim's are more expensive, but well worth it in my

Roxanne Bittman