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I'll comment on one of Peter's lighting questions:  >>>5.  I need 3
watts per gallon for a plant tank = 375 watts at least.>>>

With compact fluorescent lighting (CF) my rule of thumb is to reduce the
watts per gallon rule of thumb a bit.  I think you can find some info in
the Krib and APD archives on this, but I think CFs produce more light
per watt than regular fluorescent lighting and if memory serves, also
more light per watt than the new energy efficient T-8s.  3 watts per
gallon CF lighting drove my tank into a frenzy of growth and more algae
production than I would otherwise have.  My non-scientific observation
is that very bright light seems to differentially benefit algae more
than higher order plants.  By stepping the CF lighting back a bit, I can
still have great plant growth and less algae.  

2 watts CF lighting per gallon should be plenty of light.

Regards, Steve Dixon  -- San Francisco