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>5.  I need 3 watts per gallon for a plant tank = 375 watts at least.
>Any confirmation or otherwise of the above will be a great help.
>B.  I also understand that most plants will not thrive at Discus
>temperatures of 82 degrees plus.  Can anyone advise what plants will be
>successful - I know some Amazon Swords will but I'm not sure about other

I asked #5 a while back, and was corrected.  The popular wisdom seems to be
that more is better, but that 2 watts per gallon is usually sufficient.
I've had 2 watts per gallon on my tank for a while, and my plants look
pretty darn good to me, although I'll admit they grow faster once they get
closer to the lights.  They all certainly look better than anything in the
LFS (which has a full bank of lights, probably 4 w/g at least).

Having said that, I've just moved up to a larger tank and my next paycheck
will be paying for as many shop lights as I can squeeze on to the top of the

As for B., I keep my tank at 82, sometimes up to 84 in the summer.  I've had
each of these plants grow rapidly and reproduce:  various kinds of swords;
aponogeton; ambulia; rotala; wisteria; green and sunset hygro; crypts and
various grasses.  I've had problems with rotala magenta and scarlet hygro
(again, not sure if this is temp or light).

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland