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re: : Solenoid and Eheim reactor questions


Regards your CO2 system:

From: "Beard, Kelly" <KBeard at comdata_com>

>I finally have all of the elements I wanted (probably
>didn't need all of them) to start CO2.  Here is a list
>of everything I've gotten.

>20lb CO2 canister
>Victor HRF 1425-580 (has integrated needle valve)
>Aqualine Bushke solenoid
>Eheim CO2 reactor
>American Marine Pinpoint pH controller
>I also have a question about the Eheim reactor.
>I set it up according to the pictures and set it at
>the bottom of the tank, and just for kicks tried
>to blow some air into the reactor.  No dice.  I
>can't blow hard enough.  I guess the little thing
>between the reactor and the tubing is a check valve.
>I haven't tried removing the check valve and blowing
>through the hose, but maybe my check valve is

The check valve is designed to operate at I believe 17psi. It is expected
that you should  _not_  be able to blow through the check valve.

>I was just wondering about not being able to
>blow air through the hose to the reactor, since
>the gas coming out of the CO2 will be low pressure.

If the Victor's working pressure is "low", you will have a problem.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net