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Solenoid and Eheim reactor questions

I finally have all of the elements I wanted (probably didn't need all of
them) to start CO2.  Here is a list of everything I've gotten.

20lb CO2 canister
Victor HRF 1425-580 (has integrated needle valve)
Aqualine Bushke solenoid
Eheim CO2 reactor
American Marine Pinpoint pH controller

My question regards the solenoid.  Where does it need to be hooked up in the
system?  Does it need to be placed between the regulator and the needle
valve, or can it come after the whole thing?  Also, the solenoid has knurled
fittings.  You can put simple aquarium tubing on the little fittings, but
the knurled knob won't do anything for you.  Am I going to need a special
hose?  I'm guessing that there might be too much pressure to keep the hoses
on without keeping them tighened down, but then maybe not since the system
is low pressure.

I also have a question about the Eheim reactor.  I set it up according to
the pictures and set it at the bottom of the tank, and just for kicks tried
to blow some air into the reactor.  No dice.  I can't blow hard enough.  I
guess the little thing between the reactor and the tubing is a check valve.
I haven't tried removing the check valve and blowing through the hose, but
maybe my check valve is stuck?  I was just wondering about not being able to
blow air through the hose to the reactor, since the gas coming out of the
CO2 will be low pressure.

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