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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #467

> From: Anthony Ciarochi <Anthony.Ciarochi at eng_Sun.COM>
> Subject: Don't believe everything you read...?

> 2. Aquatic plants are only able to absorb nitrogen in the form of
> ammonium, and
> are unable to metabolize either nitrite OR NITRATE (!).  The book
> goes on to
> state that utilization of nitrate is ONLY characteristic of
> terrestrial plant
> life.  It doesn't say anything about a plant's ability to
> metabolize ammonia
> (vs. ammonium), other than saying to keep pH under 7.0 so that
> you never have
> any.


> Although I am sceptical of all of these claims, I can't help but
> wonder if #2
> might explain why I have a tank full of growing plants, but can't
> seem to keep my nitrate below 30 ppm.

#2 is the one I would most confidently dispute.  I add nitrate to my tanks
regularly or they fall to 0.0 ppm.

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