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Re: Canister FIlters

I only have experience with one brand of canister, but I'll throw in
my two cents.  I have a Fluval 403 and, for the most part, I really
like it.  My only complaint is that the little clips tend to break,
but, at $2.00 for 6 new ones, this isn't that big a deal.  I really
like the way the media baskets are set up, and I haven't had any
problems disconnecting or connecting the quick connects.  I also use
it for a reactor for my CO2, and haven't had any problems with losing
the siphon, but I'm also injecting it into the intake strainer, rather
than drilling a hose into the plastic.  The other thing that might
make a difference is that I am using compressed CO2, rather than coke
bottle injection.  Other than the clips, I haven't had to replace any
parts, and am quite satisfied with the way it is functioning after 2
years of use.  My girlfriend has a 203, and she is equally happy with

Justin Collins
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