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Iron levels, PMDD and overall questions

I recently obtained the PMDD ingredients from Homegrown Hydroponics 
(www.homegrown.com) , and a Sera Iron (Fe) Test kit.

I have several questions, please feel free to respond to any one of them.

1) Has anyone else purchased these ingredients from them, and if so, what 
were your results? I am having a difficult time getting an iron reading. #2 
below kind of addresses the "why" behind the difficult iron reading.
2) I measured the iron levels with the Sera Iron test kit, which states 
that the best iron levels are between .2 and .4. Coincidentally, 0.2 is the 
lowest reading on the sera scale. Should my iron levels be around 0.1 
(which is very difficult to measure with this test kit).
3) What is the common daily dose for 50g of water column? The Sears and 
Conklin paper states about 1ml/10gal/day, while another area of the krib, 
puts it at a half dozen or so drops/50gal/day.

Since I stared the PMDD I have seen a few changes (80w/4ft/50gal, 80f and 
CO2. Substrate: "2" of Oil-Dri, 1" plant grow mix, 1" play sand.  Osmocote 
and Ironite mixed in Oil-dri layer ).

My Java fern is having "babies" like there is no tomorrow.
Less algae, but more "mulm" seems to form on the sand.
Amazon Swords are hauling but.
Melon Swords are not really growing (but at least they are no longer 

My giant hygrow is not doing well at all (I though this stuff was hard to 
My Hygro difformous.... Well lets just say I 've seen better.
My giant val is not doing too well.
Cabomba is doing fine.
My Scarlet hygro is losing its leaves (but I just received it, so it may be 
in a form of transplant shock, and I think it was initially grown emersed, 
it had flowers at all bud unions)

Although It may sound like things are not doing well, the tanks still looks 

Any thoughts and comments are appreciated.