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Re: Pumice

I thought I had found a source for pumice gravel in Dallas, but they aren't
willing to ship the small quantity I am looking for.  They want me to purchase
"wholesale" quantities, and all I need for my 55 gal tank is two cubic feet
(with the high porosity of this stuff, I can't begin to guess what it would
actually weigh).  That would be enough for three inches of substrate, once it
all waterlogged and sank.

I have called every garden center, nursery, home center, stone and gravel
vendor, pet shop, and even lapidaries (what the heck, ya never know) in the
area.  I've tried the few hydroponics suppliers that service my area, even
though they are out of town.

If anyone knows of a place to order it, I would love to hear from you.  I have
settled on 1/4 inch as the ideal size, as that is cowith what Luca is using,
and he is the only person on the list to make any suggestions at all.  It
sounds kind of big, but as light as the stuff is, the plants should be able to
set roots in it without any trouble.

Bob Dixon
idmiamibob at aol_com