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Re: Cannister Filter

>I have three choices: Fluval 203, Magnum220, Eheim model 2211 and
>Renaissance Priem 10.

I have no experience with either the Renaissance or Ehiem, but hold Ehiem
fairly high in my regard for the quality of their products.  I have a
Magnum 350 in a tank infested with Maylaysian Livebearing Snails and never
had a problem with it; the same for my HOT Magnum 250.  I had a Fluval 203.
The reasons I disliked this filter were as follows:
a) Could not sustain practical water flow if kept out of sight under
aquarium.  Only when elevated did it sustain a decent water pressure.
b) Disconnecting the hoses for maintenance was very difficult.
c) The clips holding the lid on broke easily.
d) If you lost your siphon in the intake it was a real pain to restart.
Such a pain, in fact, that this filter took a quick trip to the dumpster
after I got the HOT Magnum--and I never throw filters away, preferring to
use them for hospital tanks, etc.
I did like the three tiered media containers though.


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