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substrate question

i have a question re: the substrate in my 55-gallon tank.  when it was
set-up about 5 years ago, i used the tetra soil additive mixed in with
the gravel.  right now this tank supports a huge growth of java fern
attached to driftwood on one half.  the other half is almost all taken up
by 3 huge amazon swords.  there is also a barclaya which in years past
had grown huge and flowered but recently only grows a few leaves and
never grows very big any more.

this tank is my amazon tank, with tetras, dwarf cichlids and catfish.  it
is lit by 2 40 watt bulbs.  i don't do any co2 or fertilizing.  water
changes are 25% almost every other week.

my question is does the substrate need more fertilizing since the initial
set up with the gravel additive?  is the fact taht nothing has been added
to it why the barclaya won't grow?  thanks for any info.

tsuh yang chen, new york city

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