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Fluval 203

I have a Fluval 203 and 303 on two different tanks. I have had no real
problems with them except for one constant aggravation.

I have DIY CO2 on both. I drilled a small hole in the hard plastic
return line and stuffed the Aquarium tubing in there. Works like a
champ! EXCEPT when I make a new bottle up and the it starts out
bubbling a lot. Then for some reason the darn thing looses its prime
2-3 times a day. After about 1-3 days it works just fine.

I am still not sure what is happening. I have watched the CO2 bubbles
and there doesn't appear to be enough to cause a problem. My 203 has
never done this! So overall for the money I am pleased. Easy to clean
and no other problems but that one is sure aggravating!!

Jeff <*\\><
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