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Fluval 203


I have just started using a Fluval 203 in a new planted tank with about 120
litres of water column. The fluval works by syphoning the water down the
outside of the cylinder and then pumps it up through media in the center of
the canister with an impeller. The impeller chamber leads to the 'out' pipe
which leads to a spray-bar (or in my case a CO2 reactor). Snails shouldn't
get into the impeller because it is after the filter media and the water
should be clear of debris at this point.

My tank is still very new so I cannot make any other comments about the
Fluval except that it came with loads of cool little plastic things for
doing different arrangements of pipe :-) (I used the bits to customise my DI
unit a bit :-))

Andy Holmes   West Sussex, ENGLAND

andyholmes at btinternet_com

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