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Girls Digest Gravel

> From: Jeremy <adamsjer at ucs_orst.edu>

> Is there a non digest format to this list?

No.  There's an archive of discussion about this; please, let's not start
another one. :)

> From: Gerry Skau <gerry at ans_net>
> Subject: Re: Girls

Reading this particular discussion, I remember a few years ago butchering
a scene from Pink Floyd's _The Wall_ ("Wow, what fabulous plants.  Are
these ALL your fish tanks?").

What I really have gotten from people here at work (both male and female):

  "Are there any actual fish in there?"
  "It looks like a damn swamp in there.  Why don't you weed that thing?"

Ah well.

> From: Hostler Richard <rhostler at pcconnection_com>
> Subject: gravel
> If I try to buy gravel from a rock and landscaping supplier, what kind
> of problems will I encounter because the gravel is not designed for
> aquarium use? Also, how can I overcome them?

Mainly size and chemical composition.  Much of the gravel you will find at
landscape suppliers is either too big or too small.  You could also say
this about many gravels sold at aquarium stores too.

A lot of gravels contain calcium carbonate which can leach into the water
and harden it.  This may be in the form of shells, limestone, etc.  The
way to tell is to submerse a sample of the gravel in vinegar and see if it
fizzes.  You can still use this gravel as long as you're keeping things
that do great in high pH water, such as african rift lake cichlids, or
mid-pH CO2-injected plant tanks.  Typically, though, avoid this and retain
full control over your pH through other means.

Some gravels also contain nasties such as nickel, which can just plain
kill the fish.  No real suggestions here, except be careful.  I'm staring
at the new 5cent/pound rocks I recently put in my tank here at work,
wondering which cheap fish I should use as a guinea pig for a month before
adding $15 Julidochromis...  by the way, the things people are now saying
about the new look:

  "What are all those rocks for?  What happened to the plants?"
  "When are you going to put fish back in it?"

   - Erik

Erik D. Olson						amazingly, at my own domain.
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