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Fluorescent tubes

At 03:48 AM 8/19/98 -0400, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
>A better choice might be the Sylvania Designer 865 lamps.  These are
>daylight lamps that have a much higher initial lumen output than the
>sunshine lamp( 3100 vs 2250 for the 40W lamps).  You can get them for
>about $8.50 each. Because they have a long life and a very good lumen
>maintaince they may be cheaper in the long run.

I'm a recent convert to GE "Super daylight" tubes. These replace the
old F40D, and are what used to be labelled SPX65. They're 3000 (or
3300, I forget) lumens, and cost me $4.40 *Canadian*. (about $2.50 US :-)

They're bright and quite bluish. I don't see paying $30 (in canada)
for Chroma 75, which ARE better - flatter spectrum, but they
aren't ten times better)

The easiest and cheapest way to make up for the lack of red is a cheap
high pressure sodium "security" light. The local hardware store has
35W and 70W versions complete, for about $75 CDN.

Richard J. Sexton
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