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Off topic: Mass Black Neon Deaths

Beard, Kelly" wrote: <<<<Off topic: Mass Black Neon Deaths

My 20 gallon (future CO2 experiment subject) has 4 growing Angels, 5
pristellas, 2 corys, 1 large and 1 dwarf pleco.  I bought 6 black neons
Saturday and the last one died last night.(...)>>>>>>>

All new fishes should be quarantined before introduction in
a community tank! They might have died because of very
aggressive pathogens such as Oodinium (velvet) or, maybe
in the best scenario, due simply to differences in water parameters.
If the problem extends to pre-existing residents, look carefully for
every possible symptom which would help you to suspect a
specific cause. Do you have a fish health book?
Plants should be quarantined too, but it is also easy and simple to
quickly disinfect them with, for example, potassium
The tank is overcrowded, by the way. Do you have a plan
for when the angels will be grown? They will kill each other
if you do not provide more space.

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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