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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #457

>Can anyone provide me with the names of any good fish stores in the Boston,
>MA. area? I am interested in any stores that carry unusual cory's and
>Thanks in advance.

Hey Kevin, I recently did a search into pert stores in the immidiate 
boston area.  The first store is Upper Newberry pets or something of a 
simmilar nature.  They have a littl3e wall of 15-20 tanks most of the 
fish have ICH and the plants were very expensive for standard plants.  
Another petstore(good) is aquaworld on tyler stret in china town 
specialises in cold water fish but does have tropical fish amd plants and 
you can find some nice stuff there for a tropical tank.They sometimes 
carry rainbows, angels botia's, mollys , corries and some unusual stuff.

In the cambridge area near Lechemere station,there are 2 petstores.  The 
first is petco you probably have hell storeis about that place as I am 
sure everyone else does.  However, they do have an above average plant 
section, andf are good for supplies.

The other Cambreidge pet store is Boston Tropical they have a good 
selection of healthy fish.  However Never buy any plants there unless you 
are sure that it is an aquatic species, I have seen mnay "fake plants " 
such as aluminum and crincle plants.

There are pet stores out side of boston that are amazing but you have to 
have a car of a freind wiht a car to get out to them.  Hope this helps.  
Sorry if any of this makes no sense, I'm suffering from a little jet lag.