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Re: Girls and plants

>From: "Alysoun McLaughlin" <alysoun.mclaughlin at ncsl_org>
>Subject: Re:  Girls and plants
>>> George-you forgot the most important reason to keep a beautiful planted
>>> tank-it's a great way to meet girls! ;-)>
>>>        Gerry Skau
>>>        ANS BigDial Engineering
>>Huh! Speak for yourself. The only lasses who take an interest in my
>>plant tank are either botanists and more interested in taking my
>>plants apart to see how they work, or microbiologists who are
>>interested in seeing what sort of noo-noos live in my substrate. One
>>a more serious note, I just lost all my neons and Pristellas to what
>>I suspect is nitrate poisening. Ah well we live and learn.
>I don't know about meeting girls... I mean, you have to get them into your
>house before they see your tank, and by that point, you've already picked
>them up, right?  Although, I'm sure it is a great way to impress girls once
>you've got them in the door...

And if you are married, what do you tell the wife "It's OK honey, she's
just here to see my plants, and besides we won't do anything that Bill
Clinton would define as sexual relations." [Sound of cookware being thrown
against glass tank]