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DIY lights and GE bulbs

Ok, I finally went and looked at the shop lights at Home Depot.  

I'm won over -- quad setup for $29.  However, I'd need to build some
kind of contraption to hold the bulbs up, since it's not really designed
as a stand-alone unit.  Did I just miss stand-alone units?  Are there
any sold for nearly as cheap at Home Depot?

This particular quad is thin enough that I can put one of my existing
Perfecto single bulb strips in front of it, so I'm not bothered by
aesthetics.  Can I get away with just propping it up on strips of wood? 
Would that be dangerous?  I don't want to turn this into a carpentry

Second question -- 

from my reading of the archives, it sounds like GE's Sunshine bulbs are
preferred to their Plant and Aquarium bulbs.  Is this the prevailing
wisdom?  I think they were like $7 each, compared to $5 for the Plant
and Aquarium bulbs...

Thanks much.

Alysoun McLaughlin
in Wheaton, Maryland