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Re: lileopsis

In a message dated 8/15/98 4:12:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Michael writes:

> I have had a tank with lileopsis in it for about 3 years with very poor
>  >growth

I've had mixed luck with lileopsis.  In a high tech tank with lots of CO2
(from a cylinder), daily PMDD, red art clay, and very coarse substrate, my
first batch did nothing except attempt to grow straight up, adding roots above
the gravel.  It's now spreading rapidly in a tank with DIY CO2, weekly
fertilizer, kitty litter and "fine" pea gravel.  Lighting is similar in both
tanks (175 W, 5500K MH).  I won't even guess which variable was most important
<grin>.  Sorry, I don't have any recent numbers for N and P.  Various swords,
sags and vals do equally well in both setups.  So...What am I doing right?

Pete Mohan