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Re: optimum

 For the vast majority of the time which I have been reading and learning
from the experts on this newsgroup, I stay silent in the background,
absorbing advice and comments.  I use the info shared to propel me into my
own research and ferreting out of solutions.  It is indeed a symbiotic
relationship.  Which segues into my dreams for my optimum tank...

1- To maintain a tank in which there is a symbiotic relationship between
plants and fish and algea, without the interference of chemicals, etc.
2- To maintain a tank that houses the correct environment for the species of
fish inhabiting the tank, ie. correct water color, water parameters, plant
types, etc.
3- To only buy tank raised fish.  I am extremely concerned about what is
happening to our reefs, and aquatic environment.
4- To seriously assume the responsibility of caring for such fragile
creatures (fish, corals, plants, etc.) which we have taken from their own
environment, for our own pleasure.
5- To create a tank which inspires.
6- To create a tank which reflects the beauty and awsomeness of Nature.

I suppose I could go on, however, I'll go back to lurking.  Thank you Karen,
for inspiring such a wonderfully grounding and focusing question.
Regards to all, Kes-Nicole Stargard