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Re: Lilaeopsis

Michael D Nielsen asks...

>I checked in the archives and the consesus seemed to be that to get "micro
>sword" to grow you need a rich substrate and good light.

I haven't found that a rich substrate is necessary. I does fine for
me in moderate to bright light. In heavily planted tanks it doesn't
appear to compete very effectively. The best growth has been in tanks
where it was the dominant species with lots of space to spread. I'm
not even sure that CO2 fertilization makes much difference. The water
is soft. Try fertilizing the water column with PMDD. I bet that it
can't get at any nutrients.

>I have had a tank with lileopsis in it for about 3 years with very poor
>growth. THe substrate is 1-2mm sand only with lots of fish waste and food
>accumulated over time.  Other plants do amazing in this 10 gallon tank
>with 60 watts of triton and vita lite.  I have tried to enrich the
>substrate with Jobes and Delaware aquatics plant tabs, but to no avail.
>Am I stuck with poor, slow growth due to the "nutrient poor" substrate or
>is there something else I could add to the area of teh lileopsis to make
>them grow better. I would like a "lawn".
>Thanks for any suggestions.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca