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Frame-Less Tanks


I have a 150G tank with no plastic frame around the top. I bought it
second hand and from what I was told this was the third tank he had as
the first two broke.
1- He tried the water bed heater on the bottom and the bottom fell out.
2- The center brace fell out of the tank.

The tank is made by Oceanic and apparently they honored the warranty and
replaced the tank both times. The tank that i have is 5'*2'*2' and is
1/2" glass all around except the bottom which is 5/8" glass. The center
brace is 18" wide and is also 1/2 " glass. I much prefer this type of
tnak for my plant tank and I have the pendants over it so it has really
open top. Looks great IMHO. 

Gareth Casey