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SF Bay Area list

Subject:  SF Bay Area Aquarium list

If you are interested in aquarium events in the San Francisco Bay Area you
should know about aquaria at sfo_net, a mailing list for Bay Area events.  To
quote from the welcome instructions:

This list is for discussions of interest to aquarists,
particularly in the SF Bay Area. It's not moderated, edited,
or archived. A digest version is not available at this time.

Topics may include:

  Upcoming aquarium oriented events (incl. club meetings)
  Current aquarium store activities (new shipments, sales, etc)
  Water supplies and related items
  Availability of locally raised fish and plants
  Local resources for questions

To subscribe to the list:

you can send mailto:majordomo at sfo_com with the following
command in the body(text) of your email message:

    subscribe aquaria

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
FormMaestro                              <http://www.wcf.com>