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Plant metabolism question

A question for any botanists, biologists, or 'smart people' (er, I mean
AND/OR :-).

I recently read (either in this list's archives or on the Nature
Aquarium page) that biological filtration is much less critical in a
well-planted tank, as the plants are able to metabolize most any waste
products produced by the fish.  Does thisreally mean that plants are able to 
metabolize ammonia and nitrite, in addition to nitrate?

I ask because I have a tank whose only filtration is a Whisper 3
external power filter, which I use as the CO2 injector for my
DIY system, and as the only means of biological filtration.   If I fully
open the outlet of this filter, I get far too much surface activity when
the tank is full.  If I let the level drop a little the surface activity
stops, but my taller cabomba and amubulia get buffeted mercilessly.  I
find that by cutting back the output I can achieve a very happy medium,
with enough flow to keep the CO2 dissolving, no surface activity, and
just a gentle 'breeze' on my plants.

I worry about loss of bio-activity, however, as I have some rather
sensitive fish (discus, etc.).  Should I be worried?  The tank is 
well established, and I haven't felt a need to test for ammonia or
nitrite for quite a while (I do test for NO3, CO2, pH, and Fe).  Should
I start?


 - Anthony