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Low PH (newbie question)

>I'm currently experiencing a PH swing with my newly planted tank that
>has me a bit concerned.  I would like to start implementing CO2
>injections, but I'm scared to, because I don't want the PH to go much
>lower (actually, I don't think it CAN go much lower!!!).

>1.  What should I do about my water?  I know it's something I'll have to
monitor closely, but is it something I should try to change, if so,
what's the safest way to do this?  some sort of carbonate media in the
filter?  I don't want my water to turn hard, just harder than it is
right now

>2.  Is Co2 injection something I should even mess with considering my
low PH and not having (apparently), any buffering capacity?  Or is my
fish load (I know it's alot) providing enough Co2 for my plants
currently?  By the way, my new Co2 test says that my Co2 level is 24
ppm.  I have no idea if this is good or bad, or enough - please advise
I'm in the same situation as Heather and my tank is also 20 gal. I have
about 25 cardinals and the ph is now howering at 6.2. My tap water pH is
7.4 and even with daily partial change (25%) the pH stays at 6.2. My tank
is now 2 weeks old. I did the same test as Heather for for kH and the
colour did not change too. Supposed to change from blue to yellow (Tetra).
Will my tank's pH stabilise or is the tank overloaded with fishes? I was
also thinking of adding CO 2 but dare not with m pH so low.


Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia 
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