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Personal Goals

Hello All:
> OK, we've had responses from a bunch of our list regulars (although not
> everyone has reported in yet<g>) We've had some interesting responses, but
> I think I could guess the views of most of our regulars.  I'd like to hear
> from some of you hundreds of "lurkers" on this list.  What is important to
> _you_ in your planted tank hobby?  Remember, there are no right or wrong
> answers here.  I think this is of interest to many APD'ers, and I'm sure it
> will help me personally targetting my magazine columns/articles.  Although
> this was my own personal question, I think it will help the AGA recognise
> what interests the majority of aquatic gardeners too.

OK I'm coming at this from a rather awkward angle. I live in a large 
town in rural South Africa, where I'm doing my Masters in Botany at 
Rhodes University. Please pardon any spelling mistakes. I've had 
about a bottle of wine....Anyway there are two garden shops in town 
that keep pets, including fish. When they buy plants, they get 
offered "eelgrass, oxygenating weed (either Ceratophylum or 
Egeria), Ludwigia (Hygrophila) or assorted potted plants). Apparently 
the suppliers know enough that if someone asks for amason swords, 
they get amason swords, but that's about it.

1: Plants growing well
2: As many species as possible withing aesthetic limits
3: Boastability: No-one around here, give or take 500km, has a plant 
4: No larger than 2 foot long (I have a three foot, and nowhere 
to put it...
5: A few healthy, happy fish
6: Algae under control


Jacques Gerber
Botany Department
Rhodes University
South Africa

Dept Tel#: 046 6038596
Dept Fax#: 046 6225524
Home Tel#: 046 6225000