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No Subject

Someone wrote: >>> I just found out that Pet Warehouse was supposed to
receive a Duplarit G shipment on July 12th but it never came and they
have no idea when it will arrive. Does anyone know what's going on with
the supplier? They said it was J.P. Burleson and I think I've seen that
name mentioned here before.>>>

I gave up on the Pet Warehouse July order, called Daleco, and found that
they had plenty of Duplarit G, and received three boxes a couple of days
later (I was moving a big tank and couldn't fool around any longer).
Daleco's web address is www.dalecobp.com/ <http://www.dalecobp.com/>  .
Their order telephone number is 1.800.987.1120.  I hope they still have
some in stock.

Regards, Steve Dixon in San Francisco

Now can anyone tell me where to get Tropica MasterGrow in the US
(Monolith Marine Monsters seems to be out of business)?