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Re: Optimum

Well, regards personal goals for planted tank:

1. Bring a little science to the art aquatic plant growing.

I view aquatic plant growing as one of those hobbys where
one can know a little bit about a lot of different things.
The disciplines of chemistry, biology, physics, electrical engineering,
mechanical engineering, etc... can all be used at their basic levels.
I'm a tinker, deprived experimentalist, and designer. I love to
build things, optimize and simplify.  Most of my gadgets are home
made or heavily modified commercial stuff.  Cheaper the better.

( My work requires that I know a lot about a few things. Also, I find
it enjoyable to study science for the fun of it. )

2. Aesthetically pleasing.

Approaching the beauty of an Amano's tank would be an ultimate goal.
Unfortunately, I've got a long way to go, but it sure is gratifying
to hear a visitor coming into your home and saying that you have the
most beautiful aquarium they have ever seen.

3. Someday I like to take all that I've learned and translate that into
a plain simple elegant inexpensive method to grow aquatic plants.
It would be kind of a payback to all that have helped me over the years.
There's no way to pay back all the helpful experts, but maybe I could
just help some of those who are just starting out....
We are dreaming here, but who knows.  Again, I've certainly have a long
ways to go, but even if it takes a lifetime to reach, who cares?

4. Low maintenance.  Battling algae, water changes, trimming, etc. are
all unavoidable, but reducing them to a minimum sure would be nice.
Filters that clean themselves, light that is piped in from the sun,
automating water changes, using fish and other critters to clean your
tank, automating the mundane boring stuff (i.e. water tests) would all
be a goal.  I enjoy feeding the fish every day, so I wouldn't automate that.

Ron Wozniak  Allentown PA, USA
rjwozniak at lucent_com
AGA member