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Personal Goals

In a message dated 8/12/98 3:53:38 AM, you wrote:

<<OK, we've had responses from a bunch of our list regulars (although not
everyone has reported in yet<g>) We've had some interesting responses, but
I think I could guess the views of most of our regulars.  I'd like to hear
from some of you hundreds of "lurkers" on this list.  What is important to
_you_ in your planted tank hobby?>>

1. The availability of relatively inexpensive ready made sets of equipment &
supplies that can help "make it happen".

I wanted since childhood to grow healthy aquatic plants. It wasn't until what,
'91 that I discovered "The Optimum Aquarium", and sometime after that, this
list. Then it took me a couple years to save the money, track down all the
equipment, and a lot of trial and error to make it all work right together. In
a way it was fun, challenging and rewarding, but I'd rather have been able to
concentrate more on the artistic expression and aesthetics of the tank than
fighting algae battles and driving all over the countryside trying to
find/jury rig equipment. People, especially young people have to scrimp and
save to buy cars and maybe that first house. They shouldn't have to do that to
have a nice planted aquarium. 99% of the people that see my tank and
immediately want one of their own, just as immediately scrap the idea upon
hearing what a ready made system costs or what's involved "doing it on the