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Re: Optimum

Hi, Karen Randall and all,

I'm from Singapore and I like to share what I feel are my personal goals
in this planted tank hobby.  

1.  A beautiful tank, something like one of those in Amano's Nature
Aquarium World books.  Mine is still a long way off (sigh) but I'm

2.  To keep my fish healthy.  I believe although we talk about plants
most of the time, it's still the fish that matters.  I find myself
looking at my fish more than the plants.  It's good to have plants,
they are great to look at but trouble is, they don't swim.

3.  Maintenance wise, I don't mind spending about half an hour each
day fiddling with my tanks.  After all, isn't that what's its all about.
I do derive a certain pleasure doing the maintenance work, be it
the plants or changing the water.  It takes my mind off the unpleasant
things happening around here.  (We're having an economic crisis, you

4.  Cost wise, I accept the fact that the hobby will cost me money.
I'm really not much of a DIY person so I buy all my stuff from the fish
shops.  Well, it's either spending my money at the fish shops or
else.  I doubt I will be any richer if I had not taken up this hobby.

5.  Knowledge wise, I'm not much into understanding the reasons why 
certain things work and others don't.  I find it too much of a hassle
learning about the chemistry of the water and all that stuff.  Frankly,
half the time, I can't follow the discussions here in this mailing list.
It's a bit too cheem (Chinese for deep) for me.  I have several test
but I hardly use them.  Fortunately for me, the water from our taps do
need much conditioning.  I'm an idiot, really.  All I do is change water
and put in fertiliser.

Loh K L